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A New Perspective

A new perspective

Amy Parker Ferguson has been associated with Children’s since 1989, when she was a Care Flite paramedic. Her exposure to the work of Children’s led her to go to nursing school and to obtain a master’s in education. But it was the birth of her daughter Gabrielle that led to a new perspective on the […]

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Why pediatric-specific care matters

>I saw a miracle on Monday. No, no one walked on water. Flying pigs weren’t around either. What I saw was just as unbelievable though. Kaiden Beville, all 21 months of him, came back to Children’s to get a cast placed on his broken arm. The young boy, who sustained his injury jumping on his […]

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Small town with a big heart

>I’m not a Texan. I always tell people, “I wasn’t born here, but my babies will be.” I know that will never make me a Texan, but I hope it demonstrates to ya’ll that I intend to stay. I like it here, I like it a lot. Still, I never sat through Texas history (that […]

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A new soundtrack for Children’s

>I know what the new piano in the Children’s Dallas lobby sounds like to an employee. In the midst of a day full of staring at a computer screen, attending meetings and trying to be creative and efficient, it sounds like perspective. Somehow, the chords and keys distract me from busyness and call me to […]

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The Barnyard is Back

>With all of the recent news about swine flu at Children’s, it’d be easy to forget that Children’s is sponsoring a petting zoo full of friendly swine and other animals at the Texas State Fair – the Children’s Medical Center Barnyard. Plenty of fairgoers have remembered the Barnyard in 2009 and once again made it […]

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Giving back to Children’s

> Ah, the hustle and bustle of the winter holidays: the happy (or maybe harried) crowds, the present buying, the decorations, the parties. It gives me a chill just thinking about it. You may think it seems a little early to be thinking about the holidays, but Diana Garcia is already fully involved in planning […]

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