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Meet Dr. Mom Pam Okada

Pam Okada, M.D. Attending Physician in the Emergency Department, Children’s Medical Center Associate Professor of Pediatrics, UT Southwestern WHAT SHE DOES: Addresses every issue that comes into one of the country’s busiest pediatric emergency departments — from asthma and seizures to broken bones and resuscitations. WHY EMERGENCY MEDICINE: After medical school, initially worked at a […]

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What is Mitochondrial Disease?

Q:  What is mitochondrial disease? — Jennifer Ladewi A: Mitochondrial disorders are a group of conditions — not just one disease — that arise when something disrupts the work of  mitochondria (parts of all cells, except red blood cells, that convert energy from food breakdown to a type of energy that allows the cells towork). […]

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Meet Farm Boy Dr. David Schindel

David Schindel, M.D. Attending Pediatric Surgeon, Children’s Medical Center Associate Professor of Pediatric Surgery, UT Southwestern Director of the EXIT Program WHAT HE DOES:  Trained to perform all types of pediatric surgeries, but especially interested in surgeries needed to correct fetal and newborn birth defects identified prenatally. These surgeries include EXIT  procedures, in which the mother’s […]

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Long-term Effects of Bacterial Meningitis

Q: What is bacterial meningitis, and are there any long-term effects like hearing or immune system issues? — Joanie Otis A: With bacterial meningitis, a lifethreatening infection, bacteria enter the central nervous system. It has rather nonspecific symptoms, such as headache and fever, so parents can confuse it with the flu in the early stages. […]

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Meet Hilarious Dr. Slappy

Tiffany Riley (a.k.a. Dr. Slappy) Leader of Children’s  Funnyatrics Clown Program ROUGH START: “When the Funnyatrics program began seven years ago at Children’s, it was hard for the medical staff to trust us; they had no idea what we were going to do or say. But over time they saw we were part of the […]

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Meet One-Of-a-Kind Dr. Michael Skinner

Michael Skinner, M.D. Attending Pediatric Surgeon, Children’s Medical Center Edwin Ide Smith, M.D. Professor of Pediatric Surgery, UT Southwestern LIFESAVING WORK: Specializes in thyroid diseases, especially multiple endocrine neoplasia. One of only a few pediatric surgeons in the country surgically removing the thyroid glands from affected children. “We can prevent thyroid cancer before it begins […]

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Meet Proud Dad Dr. Paul Harker-Murray

Paul Harker-Murray, M.D. Pediatric Hematologist-Oncologist, Children’s Medical Center Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, UT Southwestern WHAT HE DOES: Treats all types of childhood cancers; specializes in pediatric Hodgkin’s lymphoma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. HIS ROOTS: Born in Minneapolis; never thought he’d live south of the Mason-Dixon Line “because it’s too hot, and I knew I would miss […]

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