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Anthony Herman

Rhythm of the Heart: Part 1

Somewhere in Marshall, Texas, a 10-year-old boy named Anthony Herman is tapping out a rhythm on his shoes with sticks he picked up from the forested area surrounding his home. And somewhere inside of Anthony’s chest is a heart that is beating to a different, syncopated rhythm. However, neither the beat on Anthony’s shoes or […]

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Greyson with his Mom and Dad

Little Boy Wonder: Part 2

Newborn Greyson was taken by ambulance, with Dad Edward and the Children’s Transport team, to the Neonatal ICU where the neonatal team waited for him. Greyson underwent more extensive diagnostic testing, including an X-ray with contrast dye to locate the obstruction’s position. Wendy was waiting for him as soon as the surgery was done. Joseph Murphy, […]

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Annie Cross, Child Life Specialist, with Emma

Child Life Programs Play Instrumental Role

Music therapy is Emma Lock’s favorite pastime during her chemotherapy treatments at the hospital. Emma’s eyes light up whenever she sees Annie Cross, one of the music therapists at Children’s, come into her infusion room. Music therapy helped alleviate some anger problems Emma was having early on in her treatment, her mom, Sarah, says. “It […]

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Children’s Medical Center of Dallas Celebrates 100 Years of Serving the Community

Humble baby camp becomes one of the top children’s hospitals in the nation In April 1913, a group of visionary and courageous nurses, led by May Forster Smith, erected four donated tents to found the Dallas Baby Camp. The first in the southwest, the camp was formed when infectious disease was killing area children at […]

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Nurses Honored With Daisy Award

  The Daisy Program is designed to say “thank you” to the nursing profession as truly “unsung heroes” honoring the super-human work nurses perform at the bedside every day. Two of our nurses, Lainey Segovia, RN, and Kim Jernigan, RN, were chosen for the most recent Daisy Award. Lainey is known in the Pediatric Intensive Care […]

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