After a rough year, 15-year-old meets Selena Gomez

>Last summer, Elizabeth Cortez’s life changed overnight. On July 7, Elizabeth splashed in the pool with friends, and the next morning she couldn’t move.

“I screamed to my mom from my bed,” Elizabeth said. “Everything was numb. My mom put me on my feet and I just collapsed when she let go.”

She was rushed to the hospital where doctors diagnosed her with transverse myelitis, a rare neurological disease that causes inflammation of the spine. She has since regained feeling in her legs and feet but not her arms or hands.

“It’s weird because I’m only 15 and have always been healthy,” Elizabeth said.

She takes 18 pills each day in hopes that the medication will ease the inflammation and reverse the paralysis.

The teen is from Grand Prairie, the same hometown as Selena Gomez, and has posters of her favorite celebrity plastered on the walls at home. A surprise visit at the hospital from Selena bolstered Elizabeth’s spirits as she recovered from another bout of pain and numbness in her legs and feet. Elizabeth serenaded Selena with a meaningful song – “Story of My Life” by Frankie J.

“The song shows that even through the darkest days, God will always bring a rainbow at the end,” Elizabeth said.

In Elizabeth’s words:

“This year has been the toughest of my life. In July, I became paralyzed and had to learn to walk again and am still not able to use my hands. As anyone could imagine, I haven’t had very many good things to say about this year, until today! Because of Children’s, I was able to meet Selena Gomez! I was so excited and grateful for the opportunity to meet her. I was able to sing to Selena and I took lots of pictures with her. Even though I might have a lot of bad memories from this year, I now have one of the GREATEST memories that I will always remember. Thank you Children’s!!”

Watch Elizabeth sing to Selena:


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  1. PauliN December 8, 2009 at 10:40 pm #

    >cool … that Selena was really cool you have gone to visit them … A girl Elizabeth was delighted by what she said … and she sings well ..

    kisses love selena

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