And she’s still here, folks

Nancy Zeiger made it clear when she began volunteering at Children’s four and a half years ago that she would quit once she had grandchildren.

In the fall of 2008, she became the grandmother of twin grandsons. In March 2011, she welcomed another grandson. And in April 2011, you can still find Zeiger volunteering at Children’s.

“I feel like there is still a need for me here,” said Zeiger. “You don’t have to be here long to realize there are so many patients here who have nobody. Some literally may not have a visitor stop by their room for an entire day. And parents need help, too.”

Zeiger fulfills those needs in a variety of ways. The majority of her volunteering time is spent sitting with patients in the neonatal intensive care unit, but she also works as an office support volunteer. Even her part-time job benefits Children’s.

Children’s contracts with Zeiger’s employer, Access Language Center, to provide interpreters for patients. Zeiger is a certified interpreter, which enables her to interpret for deaf patients or their parents.

“Nancy’s versatility makes her a great volunteer,” said volunteer coordinator Barbara Green. “What makes her so unique is that it just seems at the right time, she is in the right place to provide that extra help in whatever way you need it.”

At this point, Zeiger has made no new plans about becoming a full-time grandmother.

“I tell people I can’t do anything on Wednesday, because Wednesday is my Children’s day,” said Zeiger. “Grandkids and work can be my other days.”


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