Art Cars Make Pit Stop at Children’s Before Next Weekend’s Parade

>Art, like beauty, I suppose, is in the eye of the beholder.

We witnessed that last Friday when Harrod Blank, an art car enthusiast and documentarian, brought three art cars to Children’s Medical Center for patients and employees to experience. The art cars – the Fantasy Van, the Camera Van and Pico de Gallo – will join two others in the Capital One Bank Adolphus Children’s Parade next weekend in downtown Dallas.

For so many, cars are symbols – symbols of status, safety, sensibility. For others, like Harrod and his crew of art car aficionados, vehicles represent a dream or a vision or a fantasy.

Kids and grown-ups, alike, flocked to the kooky cars that played music, displayed video and otherwise inspired creative thoughts. Watching others enjoy the cars made my day. I can only imagine how Harrod, one of the cars’ creators, felt as he watched patients wheel out IV poles to touch and feel and experience his art.

The art cars join an impressive line-up of special guests at this year’s Parade. Next Saturday, December 5, starting at 10 a.m., watch in person or live as more than eight equestrian units, 400 clowns, 1,300 dancers, and nearly a dozen bands kick start the holiday season.

Famous friends like Selena Gomez, Miss America Katie Stam and Cruella de Vil from the Dallas Summer Musicals’ 101 Dalmatians, plus everyone’s favorite costume characters and more than 10 giant inflatable balloons, will parade down Commerce Street for crowds of more than 350,000!

Join us for the art. Join us for the music. Join us for the fun.


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