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Continuing the Bradford Legacy

Not only did Elizabeth Bradford’s kindness in the 1910s inspire her father, Thomas L. Bradford, to fund the establishment of The Bradford Memorial Hospital for Babies – which later became Children’s Medical Center – it began a family legacy of generosity to Children’s that has been instrumental to our hospital’s success, spans five generations and […]

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The dedication of the Bradford Memorial Hospital for Babies

For the Love of Babies

Children’s Medical Center traces its beginning back 100 years, to April 1913 when a compassionate and visionary group of nurses, led by May Smith, started an open-air “baby camp” to care for Dallas babies on the lawn of what would soon become Parkland Hospital. They had a dream that a hospital dedicated exclusively to children […]

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Fighting food allergies as a family

In 2003, Amy Arneson suspected her 19-month-old son, Ethan, might have food allergies because he constantly threw up after eating. But doctors who saw Ethan told her she was overreacting. “Babies throw up,” they said. Then she fed Ethan eggs one morning, and he had to receive epinephrine in an ambulance to make it to […]

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Anthony Herman

Rhythm of the Heart: Part 1

Somewhere in Marshall, Texas, a 10-year-old boy named Anthony Herman is tapping out a rhythm on his shoes with sticks he picked up from the forested area surrounding his home. And somewhere inside of Anthony’s chest is a heart that is beating to a different, syncopated rhythm. However, neither the beat on Anthony’s shoes or […]

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A little girl who is all heart

It’s nearly impossible to spend time with 4-year-old Caydence Barrett without noticing her heart. You see it in the way she lovingly smiles at her parents, Joe and Stephanie Barrett; in the excitement she shows describing their summer trip to Disney World; and in the way she wears it on her sleeve when she feels […]

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After Crash, Family Returns With Gifts to Children’s

Myleah Rhynes had spent nearly 24 hours in the emergency department at Children’s on Christmas Day 2009. She hadn’t slept. She hadn’t eaten. And she wasn’t sure if her children and husband would survive after being seriously injured in a car wreck on Christmas Eve. Then something happened that made Myleah so happy that she […]

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