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Girl with stomachache

Finding Answers to Kids Stomach Pain

Lori Muller knew that her son Eric wasn’t making up his stomachaches, even though every doctor and specialist who saw the 12-year-old couldn’t find anything wrong. He grew anxious and withdrawn, lost more than 20 pounds,and became “skeletal thin,” she says. His constant pain even prompted Lori to start home-schooling him. The concerned Mom finally […]

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Keep bath time special with safety

Bath time is a cherished and sacred ritual in our home. It’s the only consistent time Emmy and I get to spend together by ourselves. She splashes around with her water-squirting farm animals. I listen to the Texas Rangers game on the radio or Mississippi State broadcasts on my phone. And we do our best […]

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girl with orange

Multivitamins for Kids?

Deciding whether or not children should take multivitamins can be difficult. Well-reasoned arguments are made in favor of taking them and against taking them. Here are several examples: Our Take No, multivitamins aren’t necessary for children unless they have a food allergy, renal disease, or other medical condition that prevents them from eating a full, […]

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Mother with baby in car seat

4 vital tips to keep your kids safe in the car

  There’s more to car-seat safety than the seat’s fit. Here, four other vital pointers to help keep your child safe on the road. TIP 1: Read your manual - Two years ago, a car-seat inspector would not have said it was OK to leave a car-seat carrier handle up while a child was strapped inside. […]

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Thanks a million to the Baldridges

“What could the Children’s Research Institute do with $1 million?” That was the question that Emy Lou and Jerry Baldridge asked Dr. Sean Morrison, director of the Children’s Research Institute, a new joint venture between Children’s Medical Center and UT Southwestern Medical Center. “We will take innovative approaches to make transformative discoveries – discoveries that […]

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There’s No Such Thing as a Safe Trampoline

With Spring here, your children want to go outside and play, and perhaps want you to buy a trampoline. Kids love bouncing on them — and they’re good exercise, too. Resist the temptation to buy one Trampolines aren’t safe, according to a study at Children’s Medical Center, and UT Southwestern Medical Centers and Texas Scottish […]

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