Can Kimball Prove The State Wrong?

Kimball High School LogoMy name is Justin Owens, and I am apart of the alumni association of Justin F. Kimball High School, as well as the uncle of #3 Wide Receiver Xzavier Alexander.

Friday is a big game for us, because it will be our first big test against a state ranked team. Kimball and Lancaster have never played each other in football, but we have long rivalry in basketball. Most of the kids on the field Friday night have been playing against each other since little league, and this game has been a long time coming.

We’re 2-0 so far this year, and we’ve been practicing extra hard to prove the entire state wrong on Friday night.

Kimball Players to Watch

O-Line-JaRodrick Smith, O-Line-Edward Victorian, LB- Brandon Hines, LB-Taylor Smith, D-Line-Victor Howell, D-Line- Justin Manning, WR- Prentavious Morehead, were all All-District selections. Justin has over 30 D1 offers, Brandon has 7 D1 offers, Prentavious has 5 D1 offers, Victor has 1 D1 offer.

Kimball Knights football is special to me because I grew up my entire life listening to the band and listening to the crowd of the Kimball football games since I was 8 years old. Kimball football taught me to have discipline, structure and character while growing up and that alone is what motivated me to graduate from college.

— Justin Owens


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