Carter heads to Washington, D.C. to take on Congress

Carter Townes

Carter Townes

Meet Carter Townes. This 5-year-old is from Clarksville, Texas. He’s a cowboy who enjoys chasing ducks, riding horses, working the cows and hanging with the boys. But in November 2010 his life was jeopardized when he was diagnosed with precursor B acute lymphoblastic leukemia, an aggressive cancer of the blood.

Carter has two types of leukemic chromosomes, a condition which occurs in fewer than 3 % of patients with leukemia. Since his diagnosis, he has received bone marrow biopsies, multiple lumbar punctures (a procedure used to inject medicine directly into his cerebrospinal fluid), blood transfusions and numerous rounds of aggressive chemotherapy.

Thanks to his team of experts in The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s Medical Center Dallas, he is in deep remission from cancer, but will have to undergo treatment for two more years in order to stay healthy.

Family Advocacy Day

Carter and his parents Charlie and Timberley Townes are taking their story of heartache, determination and hope to Washington, D.C., this week. They are among those traveling to the nation’s capitol to stress the importance of children’s health care as part of the Children’s Hospital Association’s Family Advocacy Day.

“We feel incredibly blessed for the specialized care and attention our son receives from the physicians and nurses at Children’s Medical Center,” says Timberley. “We’re taking our story to Washington to help our leaders recognize the need to protect and preserve quality health care for kids all across the country,”

The Towneses will be attending one-on-one congressional visits, a congressional luncheon, a tour of Washington D.C. and a celebratory dinner to honor Carter and the other patients known as “All Stars”.

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