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Healthy-Heart Recipe Ideas: One Day. Three Meals.

When we think about foods related to heart health, we’re referring to ones that can help us prevent or manage conditions in our children like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. On the Lookout: Fats, Fiber and Salt There are different types of fats that have drastically different effects on your heart: Trans-fats are manmade […]

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5 Healthier Alternatives for Your Super Bowl Feast

For most, feasting and football go hand-in-hand on Super Bowl Sunday. Does it surprise you that the average American eats a day’s worth of calories during the game? It’s easier than you may think to create healthier alternatives to the typical game-day snack options. Children’s Health Registered Dietitian Rachel Barraco offers us five ideas for […]

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Back-to-School Nutrition Tips

With kids returning to school, we thought it would be a perfect time to ask Kara Gann, a Clinical Dietitian at Children’s Medical Center, for some back-to-school nutrition tips. Make Breakfast a Priority Eating breakfast is the best way to start the day, for children and adults alike. To encourage your kids to fuel up before […]

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How to Make Butterfly Clothespin Snack Bags

After school is out, many kids head straight for the kitchen for an afternoon snack. Cookies and ice cream are always enticing, but what if you could find a way to offer a healthier alternative that’s fun to make? Local Certified Nutritional Chef Alyssia Webb Birnbaum from Mama’s Gotta Eat says that with a few art […]

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Leftovers-Turned-Snacks Potato Skins Recipe

As your children head back to school this year, local Certified Nutritional Chef Alyssia Webb Birnbaum from Mama’s Gotta Eat warns that it may not be easy to transition from the loose and undefined mealtimes of summer break to more scheduled dinners. “Food is such an integral part of family life, and involving your children […]

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