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Should Kids Drink Caffeine?

Q: Is it OK for my 9-year-old son to drink caffeine? — Lucy R. A: Caffeine is fine as an occasional treat for children; it’s only a problem when it becomes a routine. If your son is drinking caffeine daily, try to offer substitutes like water or low-fat milk. If he does drink a caffeinated […]

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Calming First-Day-of-School Fears

Q: My 5-year-old son is nervous about his first day of school. How can we ease his jitters? — Mark B. A: If possible, visit the school with your child before that first day. Walk him through the halls and into a few classrooms — if you can meet the teacher, even better. Or take […]

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What is Mitochondrial Disease?

Q:  What is mitochondrial disease? — Jennifer Ladewi A: Mitochondrial disorders are a group of conditions — not just one disease — that arise when something disrupts the work of  mitochondria (parts of all cells, except red blood cells, that convert energy from food breakdown to a type of energy that allows the cells towork). […]

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Long-term Effects of Bacterial Meningitis

Q: What is bacterial meningitis, and are there any long-term effects like hearing or immune system issues? — Joanie Otis A: With bacterial meningitis, a lifethreatening infection, bacteria enter the central nervous system. It has rather nonspecific symptoms, such as headache and fever, so parents can confuse it with the flu in the early stages. […]

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