Child Life Programs Play Instrumental Role

Annie Cross, Child Life Specialist, with Emma

Music Therapist Annie Cross and Emma have fun playing music.

Music therapy is Emma Lock’s favorite pastime during her chemotherapy treatments at the hospital.

Emma playing a keyboard

Emma especially likes to play guitar, keyboards and drums.

Emma’s eyes light up whenever she sees Annie Cross, one of the music therapists at Children’s, come into her infusion room.

Music therapy helped alleviate some anger problems Emma was having early on in her treatment, her mom, Sarah, says. “It was amazing to see. She spends every day now humming or singing a song,” Sarah says.

Music plays such an instrumental role in Emma’s life now that she asked for and received several instruments for her fourth birthday, including a drum and a Hello Kitty guitar.

Whether it’s music, the Funnyatrics Clown Program, massage therapy or just playing with kids, the Child Life services at Children’s bring a sense of normalcy to kids and help patients express themselves during their hospital stays.

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