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Children’s is regularly featured in the news for a variety of reasons, and we had a few stories come out this week that we wanted to share.

Transplant patient on Today Show tomorrow

Lyndon Baty has been a patient at Children’s since he was 3. The 15-year-old from Knox City, Texas, spent nearly all of last summer here after his body showed signs of rejecting the kidney transplant he received here in 2003.

The Nephrology staff at Children’s was able to stabilize Lyndon’s condition, but his immune system was so compromised that he couldn’t go to school this year. This was especially troubling for Lyndon because – as his mom, Sheri, says – “he loves the spotlight.”

“Lyndon loves being around his friends,” Sheri said. “He has really missed that. The illness and dealing with rejection has been really difficult, but I think what has been most difficult on him is missing out on the social interaction.”

But that all changed at the beginning of this semester when Lyndon’s school district was able to arrange for Lyndon to remotely attend school through a robot – as shown in the video at the bottom of this Huffington Post article.

“He still can’t go to school with his friends physically, but this little robot has provided such an amazing outlet for him,” Sheri said. “Since then, his appetite has been better. He’s been more upbeat. It’s been amazing to see the difference.”
News outlets across the country have picked up on Lyndon’s story, and he will even be featured on The Today Show on NBC at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. Watch his interview if you get the chance!

Stroke study making national headlines.

Nearly 2,000 news outlets have recently featured new critical stroke initiatives that were launched at Children’s to diagnose and treat strokes in children.

Pediatric stroke is a little-known condition that occurs as often as leukemia and brain tumors but often is not recognized by parents or physicians, despite the serious short- and long-term health consequences. As part of this effort, Children’s plans to start one of four research sites in North America participating in this groundbreaking research.

“Pediatric stroke research is in its infancy,” said Dr. Michael Dowling, medical director of Children’s Pediatric Stroke Program. “We’ve simply got to find out why children suffer strokes.”
You can read more about the initiative in this Boston Globe online article.

CCBD patient inspiring others

Fourteen-year-old Payton Agnew loves to make jewelry and wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Last June, Payton underwent a bone marrow transplant at Children’s to treat T-cell lymphoma and is currently in the intensive care unit battling her disease.

Learn how Payton has inspired her entire elementary school to join in her effort to fight cancer in this WFAA news clip that ran this week.


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