Colby’s mom updates us on their trip

>Sheila Elliot, the mother of Colby Elliot, says her family is enjoying their time in the nation’s capital. Read her update below.

WOW! What an amazing time we are having here in Washington, D.C., representing Children’s Medical Center! Colby has enjoyed seeing a lot of the monuments and museums. This trip has been a dream come true for our family. However, since we haven’t traveled a lot with Colby due to his heart condition, it has also reminded us how resilient, yet delicate he can be.

The heat of the blaring sun and the tremendous amount of walking has taken a toll on him. Fortunately, Children’s arranged a stroller to be delivered to the hotel, which has been a lifesaver! :)

Colby has had a blast exchanging trading cards with other “All Star” kids and listening to their hospital experiences. He tells everyone he meets how awesome “our” hospital is and that Children’s “room service” is the best!

We are looking forward to meeting with members of Congress tomorrow and sharing our story with them and thanking them for their support. It is so important for the leaders of our country to put a face to the decisions they make. We feel so privileged to represent Children’s Medical Center. Colby is so proud of his hospital and doctors. Children’s has given our son life, and by speaking with members of Congress, it is our hope that other children will have a stronger life as well.

So far, we’ve done a radio interview with a Texas news network, plus another radio interview. And we just finished making a video interview for the National Association of Children’s Hospitals, too. Tonight, we have the dinner celebration for the families, and there’s even a live band!


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