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Texans regard sports more as a religion and less as a hobby. As soon as they’re potty trained, we sign our kids up for just about anything our local recreation centers offer. And while there are many benefits to playing sports at a young age, doing so doesn’t come without risks, as any parent who’s ever signed a consent form knows. One of those risks is concussions.

If not treated properly, a concussion can put a child at risk for serious, long-term effects. In fact, a concussion has more effect on kids than adults because kids’ brains are still developing. This is regardless of where the injury occurred, whether on a playground or playing field.

Here, Children’s sports medicine experts offer several concussion-related resources for parents, coaches and other caregivers.

  • Is it a Concussion? [VIDEO] Dr. Shane Miller, a pediatric sports medicine specialist at Children’s, identifies concussion symptoms in children.
  • Sports Safety Sheets. The sports safety sheets are in pdf format for easy download, printing and distribution. We encourage you to use and share these.  

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