Family Advocacy Day celebration dinner

>Sheila Elliott, the mother of Colby Elliott, says her family is enjoying their time in the nation’s capital and had a great time at the family celebration dinner June 15. Read her update below.

Our family had an AMAZING time tonight at the Family Advocacy Day celebration dinner. There was a magician, a live band, great food, face painting, caricature drawings, and every child picked out their favorite toy from the “Toy Store.” The boys were in heaven.

I’m pretty sure Colby met every family that attended the event, as he darted from table to table, handing out his trading card. He received many other families’ cards and put them in his special folder. He has really enjoyed meeting the other families and learning about their stories.

Colby has always been a “kid magnet.” People are drawn to his contagious smile and bubbly personality. At one point, Colby had half the children dancing with him on the dance floor. It was such a joy to see him and the children playing and celebrating the hospitals that gave them life.

Tomorrow morning, we’re off to Capitol Hill. We can’t wait to see our lawmakers!


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  1. Anonymous July 16, 2010 at 2:20 pm #

    >Colby sounds like a great kid and wonderful spokesperson for healthcare for children.

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