12 Handy Substitutions from a Food-Allergy Mom

Nearly six million children in America have food allergies, and Carol McMillan is the mother of two of them. Her son Isaac, 10, and daughter Zoe, 9, both are allergic to eggs, milk, peanuts, seeds, shellfish and other common foods.  Since she’s a veteran at preparing food-allergy friendly meals, we asked her to share some of her favorite food substitutions. She was kind enough to not only give us substitutions for cooking at home but also for ordering at restaurants.

Substitutions for cooking at home

EggsEner-G Egg Replacer or applesauce
Honey MustardCombine Vegenaise, honey and mustard
MayonnaiseFollow Your Heart Vegenaise
MilkSoy Milk, both plain and vanilla; Rice Milk
Peanut ButterSimple Soynut Butter

Substitutions for ordering at restaurants

Battered and Fried ChickenSauteed or Grilled Chicken (“Make sure it’s not marinated or cooked with allergen,” Carol says.)
Potato Toppings: Sour Cream, Cheese, Bacon, etc…Potato Toppings: Ketchup or a Safe Salad Dressing
Ranch DressingItalian Dressing
Bread BunsLettuce Leaves
Honey MustardBring Homemade Version
French FriesFruit
Regular Steamed VeggiesSteamed Veggies with no Butter


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