From a patient mom’s perspective

>Stacie Aulds, mom of 3-year-old AJ Wells, shares her story from Selena Gomez’s visit to the hospital on Dec. 6:

Selena Gomez of Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place visited Children’s. My son AJ Wells was fortunate enough to meet her. AJ was diagnosed with leukemia in April of this year. During his treatment so far, he has been hospitalized four times. As a 3-year-old little boy, it is hard to sit in the hospital feeling poorly, while many doctors, nurses and others are constantly visiting to listen, evaluate, push medications, etc.

One of the shining moments for him is to visit the playroom and participate in the parties and crafts. Even on days that he is too sick to visit, the crafts and party favors are brought to his room so he can participate when he is feeling like it.

Last week, AJ had visits from characters who were in the Children’s parade. These visits always bring a smile to his face as well as ours. He forgets that he is in the hospital and instead feels like a very special little boy meeting very nice people. AJ has seen Selena on TV and did recognize her from the show, however, to him she was another beautiful girl who put a big smile on his face and gave him a hug.

For us, it is a memory we will have forever.


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    >Great story.

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