Healthy Halloween Alternatives

Girls in their halloween costumesAll year you’ve diligently prepared your family healthy dinners, packed your kids healthy lunches for school and even kept sweets to a minimum. And then Halloween arrives with its abundance of sugary and fatty candies and sweets. But there are healthier alternatives to keep your kids from lapsing into sugar comas over this spooky holiday.

Our nutritional experts at Children’s have four alternatives to Halloween candy that will satisfy your witches’ and superheroes’ sweet teeth and still keep them eating (relatively) healthy.

Instead of…

candyCandy bars, candy pieces, etc. — All are loaded with sugar, fat and empty calories that can easily upset tummies.

Replace with…

Pre-packaged dried fruit — A healthy alternative that provides natural nutrients and a sweet treat.
peanut butter crackerPeanut butter crackers — A healthier choice that satisfies that salty craving. Peanut butter crackers also help fill kids up, leaving less room for candy. Avoid if your kids have peanut allergies though.
bowl of jelloSugar-free gelatin — A fun, healthier snack that you can mold into fun shapes to keep kids excited about turning down candy.
100 calorie snack packs100 calorie snack packs — Another healthier snack option that will stick to your kids’ ribs, leaving less room for candy.


Other tips…

  • Prepare your kids a healthy dinner and make sure they go out trick-or-treating on a full stomach. Diminish their craving for sweets with a healthy dessert, like a slice of our healthy pumpkin pie.
  • Set limits. Allow your kids only a few pieces of candy each night, instead of allowing them to eat it all at once.
  • Play the stop light game. Teach kids what foods are ‘always’ foods (green light), ‘sometimes’ foods (yellow light) and ‘rarely’ foods (red light).


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