Heart Surgery Saves Newborn’s Life

Moreno Nayeli(J130523033a)At only 6 days old, Nayeli Moreno underwent surgery at Children’s to begin the process of repairing her heart. Since then, cardiothoracic surgeon Joseph Forbess, M.D. has performed a second heart surgery on the now 2 ½-year-old, who seems like any other toddler to Olga, her mom.

Olga is thankful because she remembers Nayeli’s first year which was anything but typical. She was born with heterotaxy syndrome, a condition that causes the heart and other organs to form on the opposite side of the body. Nayeli needed life-saving treatment to save her life. After she recovered from each surgery, Olga gave Nayeli medicine every three to four hours. Now, she only takes medicine twice a day and is an active little girl.

“I don’t know how to tell Dr. Forbess thank you for all he has done for my family and Nayeli,” says Olga. “Every time I see him I am very emotional and can’t put into words how I feel that he saved my daughter’s life.”

Nayeli will need another heart surgery in a year, and Olga is positive it will turn out as successful as the others.

“I am so happy to be at Children’s. Everyone has helped my baby get to where she is today.”


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