Inspiring Journeys for These Respiratory Therapists

Respiratory therapists Joe Cram and Jean DuBois with Kenedi GrovesMeet respiratory therapists Joe Cram and Jean DuBois. In honor of National Respiratory Care Week, we are highlighting Joe and Jean along with one of their patients, 6-year-old Kenedi Groves.

Kenedi was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome – the left side of her heart was severely underdeveloped. After multiple surgeries, she was diagnosed with heart failure and placed on a mechanical pump called the Berlin Heart.

Kendi Groves and mom, Kelli Kennedy

Kenedi Groves and mom Kelli Kennedy

Joe and Jean’s treatment involves helping Kenedi keep her lungs inflated and clear of mucus. She does breathing exercises so her lungs stay strong and healthy while she waits for a heart transplant.

Being respiratory therapists is not the only common thread in Joe and Jean’s lives. Both were inspired to pursue the area of medicine because of family members with respiratory diseases.

Read more about their inspiring journeys to where they are now and their special bond with Kenedi.

Jean DuBois, RRT-NPS

I had the opportunity to meet 6-year-old Kenedi Groves and her parents in December 2005 when she was transported to Children’s. I have been one of her respiratory therapists with all of her surgeries, and each time she came to Children’s [...]

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Joe Cram, RRT-NPS

When you see some of these patients day after day for weeks, you can’t help but to connect with them and their families on a deeper level. Of course, now that Kenedi is a little older, we are getting to see her spark-plug personality [...]

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  1. brenda acker October 27, 2012 at 10:33 pm #

    yall are amazing people!!God Bless yall!! we are lifting prayers up for Kenedi!! thank you!!

  2. Jenetta Baxter October 26, 2012 at 9:50 pm #

    Thank you Jean DuBois and Joe Cram for the wonderful work you do for our precious friend Kenedi and for all your patients! Your stories are truly inspiring! God Bless!

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