Interpreters make life better for children

I had the opportunity recently to follow one of our medical interpreters here at Children’s, Roger Velazquez, around for a few hours. I quickly found that our interpreters are a vital part of making sure our Spanish-speaking patients and families receive the same expert care as our English speaking families.

I watched Roger interpret a conversation between Dr. Patrick Leavy and a family about their daughter’s care and treatment. The family had many questions and I couldn’t believe how seamless the communication between doctor and family was because of Roger’s interpretation.

I also listened in while Roger conveyed the news to a grandparent that her grandson was healthy enough to go home.

Watch how our medical interpreters really do help make life better for children in this video.






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One Response to Interpreters make life better for children

  1. Parker July 17, 2012 at 9:37 pm #

    Very proud of ALL our interpreters. They are very professional and humble at the same time!
    How lucky we are to have them!

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