Matters of the Heart: The Pogue Catheterization Lab

Pogue Catheterization LaboratoryStep inside our Pogue Catheterization Laboratory, where interventional cardiologists diagnose and treat heart problems through a less-invasive procedure called catheterization. In this lab, with minimal cutting, our cardiologists:

  • Diagnose many forms of congenital heart defects
  • Treat narrowings in the valves and vessels, as well as heart rhythm problems
  • Re-evaluate previously repaired heart defects
  • Obtain biopsies from the heart muscle to detect rejection of a transplanted heart

Every Piece Has Its Place

Dr. Alan NugentAlan Nugent, M.D., director of cardiac catheterization at Children’s, threads a catheter through a vein in the leg during a Melody valve procedure. The Melody valve, a new kind of pulmonary valve recently approved by the FDA, is made from a cow vein. With this minimally invasive replacement heart valve, blood now optimally flows from the right ventricle to the lungs, and ultimately to the rest of the body.
Philips Allura 3D imaging equipmentThe new Philips Allura 3D imaging equipment has the capability to create images with three dimensional reconstruction, so that a physician can see all angles of the heart and place the valve with more precision.
x-ray technology is used to create image of the heartAfter injecting a radiographic dye through a catheter (small tube) placed in the heart or major blood vessels, the medical team uses X-ray technology to create images of the heart.
high-resolution digital imaging systemUsing a high-resolution digital imaging system with flat-screen technology, the team can see clear pictures of the heart and blood vessels.

Lab Monitor

Lab control roomCatheterization lab tech Isabel Carrillo, L.V.N., tracks the Melody valve procedure from the control room. Images on the screen show the catheter being inserted into the heart. Isabel can communicate with the team through a speaker system.


What this lab means to you (and your child)

Many procedures performed in the lab prevent the need for open-heart surgeries. For our young patients, this means less blood loss, a shorter time under anesthesia, a faster recovery and minimal scarring. For mom and dad…less worrying.

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