Meet 20-Year Veteran Dr. Sarah Blumenschein

Sarah Blumenschein, M.D.

Preventive Cardiologist, Children’s Medical Center
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, UT Southwestern

WHAT SHE DOES: Treats cardiac conditions, with an emphasis on kids at risk for coronary artery disease.

Sarah Blumenschein, M.D.YEARS AT CHILDREN’S: 20.

WHAT DRIVES HER: “When a family’s loved one suffers a heart attack, it is emotionally, physically and financially devastating. My goal is for that to never happen to my patients.”

MOTIVATING FACTOR: “One in 250 kids has high cholesterol, which can lead to coronary artery disease; I have the chance to change the trajectory of this disease in our country.”

AVID ADVOCATE: “I try to get younger residents and medical students interested in this field of medicine. Advances in fetal treatment lead to more proactive approaches to congenital heart disease; preventive cardiology aims to start earlier in the approach to the child with high cholesterol.”

RUNS IN THE FAMILY: Both parents are physicians, brother is a surgeon, uncle is a neurosurgeon and husband of 49 years is a retired oncologist. “Even the aunt I am named after was a doctor.”

PROUD MOM: Has three living children (a fourth one died at age 9) and five grandchildren.

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