Meet One-Of-a-Kind Dr. Michael Skinner

Michael Skinner, M.D.

Attending Pediatric Surgeon, Children’s Medical Center
Edwin Ide Smith, M.D. Professor of Pediatric Surgery, UT Southwestern

LIFESAVING WORK: Specializes in thyroid diseases, especially multiple endocrine neoplasia. One of only a few pediatric surgeons in the country surgically Michael Skinner, M.D.removing the thyroid glands from affected children. “We can prevent thyroid cancer before it begins in these cases.”

WHY HE’S HERE: “Working within an environment focused on world-class pediatric medicine backed by the science of UT Southwestern simply results in better care for the patients.”

CALMING INFLUENCE: Being a surgeon can be stressful, but “I find peace through prayer.”

ALL IN THE FAMILY: Wife, Celette, is a UT Southwestern researcher. “For a while, my daughter wanted to become a doctor, too, but later changed her mind. She thinks we’re nerds.”

IF HE WEREN’T A PHYSICIAN: “I’d be an engineer. In fact, I was. Before medical school, I trained and worked as an engineer. My interest simply changed.”

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