Nurses Go Above and Beyond to Earn Daisy Award

Daisy Award Recipients

The most recent Daisy Award recipients from Children’s are (from left) Britni Nicole Martin, RN, Manuel Gonzalez, RN, Connie Choudhury, RN, and Mary Reece, RN.

The Daisy Program is designed to say “thank you” to the nursing profession as truly “unsung heroes” honoring the super-human work nurses perform at the bedside every day.

Connie Choudhury has been a nurse in Pediatrics for more than 30 years and has functioned in various nursing roles throughout that time. Read what an employee in Connie’s area has to say about her:

“For the last three years, Connie has been a valuable asset to our Access Center. In this role, Connie is responsible for facilitating and coordinating physician requests for patient admissions and transfers from external facilities, hospitals, home and clinics. Connie reflects excellent customer service practices by swiftly, effectively and respectfully addressing any issues, concerns or ideas to improve daily operations in the Access Centers. Connie is active in community service activities, donating her time and available supplies. Connie’s continuous service and commitment to Children’s is reflective of the organization’s mission statement to Make Life Better for Children.”

Manuel Gonzalez is a nurse in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit. Read what a patient family has to say about Manuel:

“Manuel was hands down the best nurse we have ever had. I have 22 years of experience as a mom with special needs kids. He was so caring, compassionate and clearly loves his job. We always feel better when we get him because he remembers us and goes so far above and beyond in showing he cares. He will no doubt say he did nothing special because that’s just who and how he is. I meet a lot of people and he is so genuine and passionate that his positive attitude is contagious. I hope you will find it prudent to give him a huge pat on the back at the very least because he is your champion and rock star!”

Britni Nicole Martin is a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit. Read what a patient family has to say about her:

“Nicole was our son’s nurse in the ICU many days during his hospital stay. She was so sweet and gentle with our son and took excellent care of him. She has such a tender heart. It was comforting to watch her talking to him and rubbing his head before and after she administered meds or changed him. We had a couple of pretty difficult days, and we cried a lot. My mom passed Nicole in the hallway on one of these difficult days. She was leaving the unit, and Nicole could see how upset my mom was. She took the time to give my mom a big hug. It was exactly what my mom needed at that moment. Nicole was so comforting when we needed to cry, and she provided humor when we needed to laugh. She was his nurse on Christmas Day, and she made it special for us. He was still sedated and on the ventilator, but she helped us to celebrate that he was still here with us, and he was getting better. We are just in awe of what great care our son received during the 4 1/2 weeks he spent at Children’s. Nicole made us feel like family.”

Mary Reece is the charge nurse for the main operating room. Read what an employee in her area has to say about her:

“Mary consistently displays sound clinical judgment by working in collaboration with all members of the perioperative team to make decisions on patients who need to come to the OR. This ensures our most critical patients are seen in a rapid manner. She oversees the day-to-day logistics of a very busy operating room and runs it efficiently to make sure patient needs are met. She is respectful in her communication with others; even in tense situations she displays the utmost respect and professionalism. She actively seeks out learning opportunities for new employees to help them grow in their careers. She has served as a mentor and trusted resource for many new OR staff members. In addition to her dedication to the OR at Children’s, she is a member of a medical mission team, making multiple trips to serve children in other countries who are in desperate need of medical care. Mary is a selfless, dedicated employee who always seeks to do the right thing to ensure the safety of all our surgical patients.”


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