Nurses Honored With Daisy Award


Lainey Segovia, RN, Chief Nursing Officer Mary Stowe and Kim Jernigan, RN

Our two most recent Daisy Award recipients are Lainey Segovia, RN, (left) and Kim Jernigan, RN, (right) with Chief Nursing Officer Mary Stowe.

The Daisy Program is designed to say “thank you” to the nursing profession as truly “unsung heroes” honoring the super-human work nurses perform at the bedside every day. Two of our nurses, Lainey Segovia, RN, and Kim Jernigan, RN, were chosen for the most recent Daisy Award.

Lainey is known in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit as a compassionate and skillful nurse who goes above and beyond her call of duty. A manager in the ICU said “Lainey provides extraordinary care with compassion, humor and the desire to create an atmosphere of trust with her families. She is a patient and family advocate, and she does not stop.”

In the words of a patient’s mother: “Lainey held my hand when I needed it; she made me laugh just when I couldn’t take it anymore and she let me cry when I couldn’t hold it in.”

Kim is an expert in the area of diabetes in Endocrinology and works with families to become more independent and confident with their diabetes self-management. According to her coworkers, she is the first to arrive and often the last to leave with an infectious personality that brightens any room she enters.

Kim’s passion for nursing doesn’t stop when she leaves the doors of Children’s. She is the first to sign up for walks that support pediatric diabetes research, and each year she volunteers as a nurse at the Children’s diabetes camps.

Congratulations to Lainey and Kim – two of our many nurses who help to fulfill the hospital’s mission to make life better for children.




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