Everyone Wins With Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

Every year, Super Bowl Sunday offers your family a variety of great entertainment options: the action on the field, the halftime show, the commercials. But the one attraction that everyone looks forward to is the one you have the most control over — the food. During this year’s big game, serve your family snacks that [...]

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From 2014 Player of the Week to Super Bowl Hopeful

With the Super Bowl coming up this Sunday, it has us curious if any of the weekly winners of our 2014 High School Football Player of the Week polls will play in the big game one day. You did an outstanding job of voting during the football season for the TXA 21 and Children’s HealthSM Children’s Medical Center Player of [...]

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Are you ready to fight the flu this season?

How can you stop the flu from spreading? In this week’s Take Charge Parenting interview, Ray Tsai, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of Children’s HealthSM Pediatric Group, gives parents advice about how to help prevent the flu. Previous Take Charge Parenting Interviews Diabetes Management When to Take Your Child to the ER Good Allergies Teen Depression Ear Infections What Is [...]

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Plastic Surgery and Teens: Right, Wrong or Somewhere in Between?

The term “plastic surgery” often brings to mind thoughts of entertainment personalities who have cosmetic surgery to keep a youthful appearance. When thinking of plastic surgery in children we usually think of reconstructive procedures such as cleft lip and palate repair, however cosmetic procedures can sometimes be the right choice for children. Cosmetic surgery procedures [...]

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Going Where Our Patients Can’t: Robots Make the Grade in Class

  What is four feet tall, capable of gliding in and out of area classrooms and allows chronically ill students to attend class without leaving their hospital rooms or homes?   It’s the VGo Robot, the newest technology aid that Children’s HealthSM Children’s Medical Center provides patients who are not able to physically attend school. The [...]

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Is the Flu Shot Safe for Pregnant Women?

With the peak of flu season around the corner, everyone needs a flu shot, especially pregnant women. “The flu shot is absolutely safe for pregnant women,” says Jeffrey Kahn, M.D., Director of Infectious Diseases at Children’s HealthSM Children’s Medical Center. “The immunization can be given at any point in pregnancy but should be received before [...]

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Video Interview: Holiday Hazards

Is your home child- and pet-proofed for the holidays? In this week’s Take Charge Parenting interview, Marissa Rodriquez, an Injury Prevention Specialist from Children’s HealthSM Children’s Medical Center, gives parents advice about keeping your home safe from hazards during the holidays.   Previous Take Charge Parenting Interviews Diabetes Management When to Take Your Child to the ER Good Allergies Teen Depression [...]

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