Meet Dr. Mom Pam Okada

Pam Okada, M.D.

Attending Physician in the Emergency Department, Children’s Medical Center
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, UT Southwestern

WHAT SHE DOES: Addresses every issue that comes into one of the country’s busiest pediatric emergency departments — from asthma and seizures to broken bones and resuscitations.

Pam Okada, M.D.WHY EMERGENCY MEDICINE: After medical school, initially worked at a private pediatric clinic. When a mother brought in her baby who wasn’t breathing, Dr. Okada revived the baby with CPR and found a new calling. “At that moment, I knew I needed to do my fellowship in emergency medicine because I loved it.”

FAMILIAR FACE: One of the featured physicians on the TV program Children’s Med Dallas.

SURPRISE SPORT: She’s a pugilist. “I have too much energy, and boxing is a good way to exercise and release a lot of energy.”

WORKING MOM: Has five children, ages 12 to 21.

NO LIMBO TITLES: Working in an emergency room conditioned her to be very cautious with her own kids. “They couldn’t jump on trampolines. They had to sit and eat. And they always wore helmets at the skating rink, which meant they never had a chance at limbo.”

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We’re in this because we just really like kids.”


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