A Parent’s Guide to Swimming Safety

Swimming Safety

Like many sports, swimming has become a year-round sport. The increase in training sessions, weight lifting and cross training is leading to an increase in injuries among swimmers.

Following are the most common swimming injuries and health risks requiring treatment. Click on the links to learn how to recognize the danger signs and promote safety.

2 Overuse Injuries in the Shoulder Common to Swimmers

Shoulder Injuries

Swimming can lead to overuse injuries in the arms, elbows and shoulders.

Reasons Why Swimmers Get MCL Knee Sprains

Knee Injuries

Breaststroke swimmers are especially prone to Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) sprains.

Spondylolysis in Young Athletes: Know the Signs

Back Pain

Swimming puts a lot of demand on a young athlete’s back through repetitive hyperextension and sudden changes of direction.

Bumps, Bruises, Twists & Muscle Strains

Check out the PRICE formula for treating bumps, bruises, twists & muscle strains.

Swimming Safety Sheets

The Kohl’s Sports Health and Wellness Outreach Program encourages parents and coaches to print the downloadable swimming safety sheets and share them with family and friends.


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