Pediatric Oncologist, Dr. Laura Klesse

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Dr. Laura Klesse often has people ask her how she can handle being a pediatric oncologist for patients like Libby Serber.

“Everyone says, ‘Oh my gosh, how can you do that? It has the potential to be so sad,’” she said. “I love being a pediatric oncologist because it gives me such an opportunity to connect with and support the families we see in what is clearly the hardest time of their lives. That’s an honor.”

Dr. Klesse has a family of her own, too. She and her husband, Dr. Kevin Morrill, an adult neurosurgeon at UT Southwestern, have three children together. Each child was born while Dr. Klesse was either in medical school, conducting research or in her residency.

All three children want to be physicians like their parents.

“I think they see that we both really love what we do,” Dr. Klesse said. “Unfortunately, I’m losing at the moment. Two of our three want to be neurosurgeons like their dad. I clearly need to work harder on influencing them.”

Since she would be proud to have her own children follow her path, it’s clear that she genuinely believes in the work she does.

“Not that there aren’t sad days,” she said, “but I feel like I’m more important at those times than I am when everything is going well.”

Laura Klesse, M.D. is a Pediatric Oncologist at Children’s Medical Center and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Dedman Family Scholar in Clinical Care, at UT Southwestern Medical Center.


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