Piggy banks aren’t just for collecting allowances anymore

Kara Dauterive, mom of two boys who attend Hyer Elementary School in Highland Park, talks about why her boys and other students have become coin collectors for Children’s, and the creative ideas they’ve put into action.

Children’s has always been a very important part of my life and household. I have been a member of The Children’s Trust for three years now, and have even served on the board as one of the membership chairs. Among other reasons, my husband and I are big supporters since we have had to make a visit to the Children’s Emergency Room a time or two! We are all very fortunate to have a facility like Children’s in our immediate area.

I am the mother of Brady and Burke, ages 6 and 8, who attend Hyer Elementary School. Every year, the fourth graders support a project, and this year they decided on Change for Children’s. I was excited to hear this as our family had already started collecting a box. Now we have four boxes at our house. We strive to teach our children about the gift of generosity on a regular basis, and this is yet another opportunity to instill those values in a fun, meaningful way.

Burke and Brady love collecting the money and giving back to children who need it. It has been important for us to explain and encourage them to always give what they can. They have huge hearts, and from what I hear, there are so many kids at Hyer who want to give back as well. In fact, after the boys received their Change for Children’s boxes, they made a plan to have a hot cocoa and apple cider stand after school that day, and all the money they made went into their Children’s boxes. What a great display of giving to others! I was so excited to see them raising money with their own ideas.

As I speak to other moms and teachers, I hear of similar stories about Hyer students who are having their own lemonade and cocoa stands throughout the neighborhood and at football games trying to fill their boxes for Children’s.

I am very proud to serve and donate to Change for Children’s, and being part of a school and a community that cares so much is a wonderful reminder of how lucky we are to be the ones who can help those who need it. Personally, seeing my boys wanting to help others without twisting their arm is the best reward of all. Please become part of our cause by asking for a box from Children’s and give what you can!


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