Rangers are Hungry for a Win

The Jesuit vs. Lake Highlands game Friday night is an important district match-up, but for the moms of the 41 senior players, the night is poignant for another reason. It is Jesuit’s annual Senior Night, celebrating the high school football careers of the class of 2013.

Cumulatively, our boys have played hundreds of games through the years, and now, it is nearly time for all the wins and losses, fumbles and recoveries, and completions and interceptions to be filed away in scrapbooks and memories.  With the passing of time will go familiar sights and sounds.  The team running out of the inflatable helmet at the start of each half gives Betsy Fulcher (Jeff #31) goosebumps every time she sees it.  Maureen Gustafson (JJ #77) will miss the click clack of the cleats as players leave the locker room and cross the sidewalk to take the field.

Jesuit Beat Lake Highlands Last Year in Double Overtime

Jesuit College Prep builds Men for Others, on and off the playing field. The camaraderie among the players and coaches is an important part of this team’s culture.  Pat Snyder (Bill #27), Beth Buell (Carson #10), and Barbie Wicker (Cody #9) agree that our boys have a bond – a brotherhood they will last far beyond their high school years.  With one loss to district powerhouse Skyline, the Rangers are hungry to win each remaining game.  After our double overtime victory last year against Lake Highlands, we know the Wildcats will be looking for revenge.  Mary Jane Brezette (Jack #3), Ellen Oliver (Jake #6), and Paula Reichenstein (Kyle #73) echo one another when talking about the remarkable leadership on this year’s team.  The team is dedicated and focused as Julie Clancy (Dylan #41) points out, and it is playing smart, disciplined football that will lead the Rangers to victory.

A few weeks after Senior Night, we moms will pass the mantle to the younger set.  And what parting advice would we give to those just beginning this journey? Lisa Koskovich (Chris #45) would remind you to be a cheerleader and supporter; there are enough coaches and critics already.  And remember how quickly things change.  I would tell you to teach your kids that winning or losing doesn’t matter as much as how you handle the wins and losses.  Remind your son that while football isn’t war or cancer, what he learns about dedication, preparation, and teamwork will guide him through life’s bigger contests.

We are grateful to this fine group of young men for irreplaceable memories.  Here’s to high school football, and seniors, and moms.  Go Rangers!

- Diane Brown (Will #36)

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