Spooktacular Fun for Diabetic Kids

Children’s Endocrinology program brewed up some Halloween fun at the Children’s Diabetes Spooktacular Extravaganza for diabetes patients and their siblings.

Halloween thrills included face painting, crafts, prizes, games and more.

Six-year-old Erika Hernandez uses crayons to decorate a bag that she will use to collect prizes at the different stations at the the Diabetes Halloween Party at the Dallas Ambulatory Care Pavilion.

Five-year-old Jordan Johnson paints and decorates a small pumpkin.

Eight-year-old Ja’Tyron Burks overshoots the second jack-o-lantern target after making the first in a game run by volunteers.

Child Life Specialist Jessica Chadwick is amazed to find a number of bunnies have appeared in her hand after a magic trick performed by magician Bruce Chadwick.

Emergency services nurse Mayra Rodriguez, RN, CPEN, summons her fortune telling abilities to read the palms of  9-year-old Theresa Meurer.

Dressed as a fairy, 2-year-old Scarlett McGrath makes her way to the next game.

Dr.’s Monday (left) and Slappy (right) make their way around the “cake walk” with other Halloween party participants while Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is playing. Instead of winning a cake, prizes included toys.

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  1. Dalia Medellin October 30, 2013 at 1:22 pm #

    We had so much fun — thank you Endocronology team!!!

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