Staying true to her mission — and Children’s

Stying True to Her Mission

Lindsey Peterson

At a time when many people change jobs every few years, Lindsey Peterson is staying true to her life’s mission: being a nurse at Children’s Medical Center.

“I was in the second grade when I decided to become a nurse,” says Peterson, a Dallas native. She’s never strayed from her career path. She credits part of her career desire to her grandfather, a physician, because he always “spoke very, very highly of his nurses and was ecstatic I wanted to become a nurse.”

“The whole environment makes people stay,” Lindsey says of Children’s. The organization “provides bridges to the future; there is never a final destination.”

Peterson should know about bridges. She already has crossed many at Children’s.

She was a patient here at 14, became a volunteer at 15, and was an intern here after her freshman year in college. After her sophomore year, she became an emergency medical technician and clinical technician, jobs she held the rest of her way through college and nursing school. In 2007, she was selected as a summer nursing intern and after graduating with her bachelor’s of science in nursing from UT Arlington in December 2007, she joined Children’s in the graduate internship program.

Peterson has spent her career at Children’s in the Trauma intensive care unit. The most rewarding patients she cares for are those who have been victims of abuse. “They’ve never had an adult treat them well. This is the start of their new life, and I want their first experience to be good.”

She says at the end of the day, “I’ve not just done my job but also truly made a difference in the life of a child. For lots of people, they just have a job, but here I’ve helped myself because I’ve also made life better for someone else.”


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