Student Volunteers at Children’s Create Art Bands

Aradhana Sahoo, student volunteer (left) and Cali Grant, senior patient access representative, display the stylish art bands created by student volunteers and available to patients in Admitting.

Patient Carla Rodriguez, 8, smiles as she receives her art band.

Student volunteers creating colorful art bands.


To add a personal touch that helps distract patients from the fear of coming to a hospital, student volunteers at Children’s became fashion designers by turning ordinary patient arm bands into high-fashion art bands!

“I look forward to coloring the art bands. It’s fun,” says Aradhana Sahoo, student volunteer. By brightening up one of the first interactions a child has with hospital staff, the volunteers bring smiles to the faces of patients and families who are dealing with unfamiliar surroundings in a stressful situation.

Patient Angelica Garnica, 3, was in awe when she chose her art band. She looked at her mother with uncertainty and said “This is for me? Can I show my dad? This IS for me.” She treated it like jewelry. She counted the shapes and named all the colors. Another patient chose a sunshine art band because her grandmother always calls her Sunshine.

The excitement on each child’s face as they choose the art band they like the best is absolutely amazing!”  says Cali Grant, senior patient access representative.

“The student volunteers put so much heart into each art band they design. Some of the volunteer students are previous Children’s patients, so the designing of each art band has an even deeper meaning.”

Learn more about how you can become a volunteer at Children’s Medical Center. If you’re already a volunteer at Children’s, leave us a comment to tell us about some of your wonderful experiences.


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