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The Chiari Challenge – Managing an Increasingly Common Condition

Has your child recently been diagnosed with a structural defect of the cerebellum known as a Chiari malformation? This scary-sounding, but relatively common condition is often discovered accidentally when children are screened for a different issue. Most children have no symptoms, and those who do may report nonspecific ones like headache and neck pain associated […]

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Camp a Safe Haven for Teens With Epilepsy

Summer camp is a rite of passage for many teens. Nothing to focus on but making new friends and learning skills is a welcome respite after a long school year. But for teens with epilepsy that experience daily seizures, this kind of getaway was not possible until Kamp Kaleidoscope came along. “Our goal at Kamp […]

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Why Our Neurology Program is the Best

We often hear from our many patients and families that our Neurology program is the best. And now it has been confirmed by U.S.News & World Report, which ranked the program one of the top in the nation. The Children’s Neurology program treats more than 18,500 children each year. These kids are seen for conditions […]

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What is Mitochondrial Disease?

Q:  What is mitochondrial disease? — Jennifer Ladewi A: Mitochondrial disorders are a group of conditions — not just one disease — that arise when something disrupts the work of  mitochondria (parts of all cells, except red blood cells, that convert energy from food breakdown to a type of energy that allows the cells towork). […]

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