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Breastfeeding Facts and Myths

To breastfeed or not to breastfeed? That is the question many new moms face. Even when mothers decide to breastfeed and are able to get off to a good start, in the week or months after delivery there is a sharp decline in breastfeeding rates and practices; particularly exclusive breastfeeding. A community support system for […]

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Nurses Honored With Daisy Award

  The Daisy Program is designed to say “thank you” to the nursing profession as truly “unsung heroes” honoring the super-human work nurses perform at the bedside every day. Two of our nurses, Lainey Segovia, RN, and Kim Jernigan, RN, were chosen for the most recent Daisy Award. Lainey is known in the Pediatric Intensive Care […]

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Meet an excellent nurse

Tami Barr, RN, is the 2012 Nursing Excellence Award winner at Children’s. She received the honor at a ceremony on May 9 at the hospital. We caught up with her to find out who she is and what makes her so special.  WHAT SHE DOES: Tami is a registered nurse in the Special Procedures Unit on the Children’s Dallas […]

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Meet Nocturnal Nurse Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith, R.N. Registered Nurse for Transport, Children’s Medical Center WHAT SHE DOES: Jets, helicopters and ambulances are all part of her daily work routine. But she’s not just along for the ride; she’s responsible for caring for patients – often in critical condition – as they’re being transported from another hospital to Children’s. JETLAGGED: […]

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Nurses in Haiti

Nurses find hope in Haiti

As soon as the earthquake hit Haiti, images swirled through the media. Everywhere I looked, photos and videos of grief-stricken and injured people stared back at me. There’s no doubt that the earthquake left the Haitians in a living nightmare. But what I hadn’t seen until now was the amazing resilience and hope in the […]

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Dasia’s oxygen

Dasia White, 6 years old, looked quizzically at the machine that was about to take her oxygen measurements, but once the nurse touched her forehead with a probe from the machine, she was OK with the whole process. Dasia has sickle cell disease and is part of a clinical study at Children’s of cerebral oximetry, […]

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