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What to Know Before Giving Your Child Melatonin

Between 2007 and 2012 the sale of melatonin, a hormone supplement designed to promote sleep, more than doubled. While we don’t know how many  parents are using melatonin to help their kids sleep, there’s plenty of discussion around this topic. We asked our expert, “Is melatonin safe for kids?” Psychologist and Sleep Disorders Expert William […]

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How Much Sleep Do Kids Need?

How many hours of sleep per day do children need at different ages? — Melanie M. A good night’s sleep is as important to youngsters as a hearty breakfast. There is no magical number of hours that they require at varying ages, but there are averages. Newborns should average eight or nine hours of nighttime […]

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Should Kids Drink Caffeine?

Q: Is it OK for my 9-year-old son to drink caffeine? — Lucy R. A: Caffeine is fine as an occasional treat for children; it’s only a problem when it becomes a routine. If your son is drinking caffeine daily, try to offer substitutes like water or low-fat milk. If he does drink a caffeinated […]

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