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Standing for the First Time

Standing for the first time

Fifteen-month-old Mya Saysanam stood for the first time a few weeks ago. I know because I saw it happen while I was interviewing her family. Although I wouldn’t usually pay much attention to the first stand of any child who wasn’t my own, this instance struck me as particularly momentous. Liver experts at Children’s diagnosed […]

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A search for support

Life is frustrating. Work is hard. Family is harder. And cars always have something wrong with them. But I can at least take comfort in being able to share my gripes with others who endure the same things. It’s not that simple for Jennifer Cagle. Her 6-year-old son, Tanner, suffers from a disease that affects […]

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Children’s hosts a special prom

>It’s prom time: fancy dresses, tuxedoes, corsages and lots of fun. For many of us, our high school prom was a pinnacle of our teen years. But sometimes, it doesn’t work out as expected. Take for example, Children’s Medical Center patient Cheyene Mills. A year ago, Cheyene, who hails from Tom Bean, Texas, purchased a […]

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Experiences that met expectations

>Before Destani Anderson served as the ballgirl at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game last weekend, her grandmother told me that she believed it was the chance of a lifetime. Destani rebounded balls for celebrities during warm-ups and passed out water and towels to them during the game. She met Terrell Owens, Magic Johnson, and Mario […]

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