Texas food allergy guidelines passed with help of Dr. Bird

Dr. Drew Bird with food allergy patient Carson Hurley

Texas recently passed food allergy guidelines for its schools, and our own food allergy expert, Dr. Drew Bird, was a big part of that.

Dr. Bird was chosen as the representative for Food Allergy Initiative on the state advisory board tasked with crafting the guidelines.

“I was really honored to be a part of it,” Dr. Bird said. “I thought it was a big move for Texas and especially for children with food allergies in Texas.”

The guidelines will serve as a resource for every Texas public school district as they implement their own food allergy policies, which must be in place by Aug. 1.

“Unfortunately, before this, schools and parents had to rely on different sources and kind of pull strings together,” Dr. Bird said. “The guidelines will provide a uniform, central resource for parents and schools and will ensure that school personnel receive training to recognize and treat food-induced allergic reactions.”

Following is a Fox 4 News clip of Dr. Bird talking about the guidelines.


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  1. Rodger Collins May 24, 2012 at 2:49 pm #

    Congratulations to Dr. Bird and the wonderful people on his staff for the outstanding work that they do. Our family has benefited greatly from participating in the food allergy studies. All Texans will benefit from his leadership and deeply caring style of medical care.

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