The Secret Life of Girls

I can’t imagine being in middle school today. When I was in seventh grade the first online instant messenger was launched, the likes of Cindy Crawford graced magazines, and the only phone I had was connected to a wall. But today, girls in middle school now send hundreds of text messages each day, are connected to more friends than I can imagine online, and the pressures of being perfect seem to be much greater.

When did growing up get so hard?

This Friday Dallas Children’s Theater kicks off the production of The Secret Life of Girls – a play that looks into the world of a group of girls who struggle with issues of body image and the destructive effects of bullying. And, on Feb. 10 and 18 two of our experts from Children’s Medical Center will host a live Q&A to answer any questions you might have.

The Secret Life of Girls will run Feb. 10-26 with tickets starting at only $20. You can purchase your tickets online at the Dallas Children’s Theater Web site by visiting,

If you plan to attend here are a few questions to think about. Do you have any questions of your own? How do you talk to your girls on topics such as these? Let us know.

  • Think about the play’s title, “The Secret Life of Girls”. Why do you think the author chose this title? Do girls tend to lead “secret lives”?
  • What qualities does a good friend possess? Is it possible to be a good friend to others if you’re not a friend to yourself?
  • How does our society contribute to the lack of esteem in girls today? What issues do girls face that have arisen from our society’s projected image of “the perfect woman”? Consider the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional expectations of a “perfect woman”.
  • What do you feel is the greatest source of pressure for teens today? Is it society’s expectations, the media’s perceptions, peer pressure, parental pressure? What can be done to alleviate some of the pressures you face as an adolescent in today’s world?


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  1. Karen Otto February 9, 2012 at 4:28 pm #

    So well said! This show can change the way people see teen culture. Even "nice" girls are faced with these issues. I've seen this show 2times in the past and if you have a girl, know a girl, are one, or love one, it's a must see!

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