Best Friends Rushed to Children’s After Near-Fatal ATV Collision


Evelyn Frazier has an image of her son that will forever be etched in her memory. “He was lying on the ground unconscious with paramedics surrounding him.”

Evelyn’s son, Billy Webb, and his best friend, Jeremiah Sanders, spent the weekend like any other – hanging out with friends in their hometown of Greenville, Texas. So when the group of teens decided to ride four wheelers, no one thought twice.

Jeremiah and Billy“Billy and Jeremiah have been inseparable for years. They are more like brothers,” says Evelyn.

As they drove down the gravel road together, the four wheeler hit a tree and threw both boys off the vehicle. Billy was taken to a local hospital where he received stitches, but since his injuries were so severe, he was transported in an ambulance to the Emergency Department at Children’s. Jeremiah was loaded into a helicopter and flown directly to our Level 1 Trauma Center, where a team of trauma and critical care specialists prepared for the boys.

“Billy and I were both shocked at how many people were on standby waiting for him when we arrived,” says Evelyn.

Billy was sent home once he received overnight treatment for a severe concussion and a leg injury, but Jeremiah stayed in the intensive care unit after sustaining severe head trauma, broken bones and a ruptured spleen. Today, Jeremiah has been discharged from Children’s and continues recovery at a rehabilitation center.

“The whole experience at Children’s was so positive,” says Evelyn. “Billy is mature for his age, and they treated him right where he was at. It was amazing. You don’t typically get that these days in healthcare.”



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  1. Robert Mix RN, BSN
    Robert Mix RN, BSN May 28, 2013 at 1:15 pm #

    This is the stories and reasons I can not wait to obtain a position in the PICU or NTICU at Children’s. I work in Pediatrics now in a facility in Missouri but to work at a magnet facility of this magnitude would be breathtaking and life changing! Great to hear a great outcome, would not expect less at Children’s!

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