Children’s Med Documentary, Episode 5

Childrens Med Dallas Ep. 5 Episode 5 of Children’s Med Dallas focuses on the youngest and smallest patients at Children’s – the ones who occupy our neonatal intensive care unit or NICU. You’ll get to see three families who entrust their babies’ lives to our staff, believing that the “Level 3C” NICU accreditation means the most delicate and complex cases can be figured out and rescued here.

Drs. Rashmin Savani and James Moore, the medical directors of the NICU, will be shown caring for the patients and counseling their parents. Viewers will also get to see Dr. Savani interact with his own family at home, including teaching his teenage son how to drive.

The first patient shown will be newborn Dakayta, who was introduced at the end of Episode 4. Dakayta was born with spina bifida and needs immediate surgery to enclose her spine. Dr. Dale Swift, a Children’s neurosurgeon, is introduced in Episode 5 as he’s called in to correct Dakayta’s condition.

Three new patients will also be introduced: 9-month-old Zoe and 23-week-old twins Kennedy and Audrey. Zoe is experiencing mysterious episodes of breathlessness. Kennedy and Audrey came to Children’s from Longview after being born 17 weeks early at 15 ounces and 19 ounces respectively.

So, please watch at 6:30 p.m. this Saturday, March 31, on WFAA Channel 8 or afterward on our Facebook page to see how the Children’s staff tries to rescue these babies who won’t survive without medical intervention.


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