Children’s Med Dallas Documentary, Episode 6

This Saturday at 6:30 p.m. on WFAA, you’ll get to see some of the hardest and sweetest issues that parents of Children’s patients face. Episode 6 of Children’s Med Dallas picks up the stories of two families in the NICU who were introduced in Episode 5.

You’ll get to see how newborn Dakayta fares following surgery to treat her spina bifida. And you’ll get to see how her parents process the bittersweet emotions of having a new baby who is facing significant health obstacles.

The other parents in the episode also have to deal with mixed emotions. Their 23-week-old twins, Kennedy and Audrey – both born 17 weeks early, are progressing at different rates. One will be discharged while one will have to stay behind a little longer.

Children's Med Dallas Ep 6Spoiler alert: both cases will warrant some Kleenexes, but both will also inspire you.

The episode isn’t all serious, though. We’ll also take you away from the hospital with one of our physicians who was willing to dress up like Dumbledore at his daughter’s Harry Potter-themed surprise birthday party.


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