Children’s Med Dallas Documentary, Episode 7

Rylynn walking with her parentsLet’s be honest. Every episode ending in a cliffhanger makes us all anxious.

We want to know how these patients who we’ve come to know and care for turn out. Moreover, we want to know that those patients turn out well. Well, we’ll get our wish this Saturday on the series finale.

How has Rylynn been since receiving her heart transplant (hint: that’s her with her parents in the picture above)? What does Taylor’s nose look like following reconstructive surgery? Is baby Dakayta healthy after surgery to repair her spina bifida? What about the Kirby twins? How are their parents handling one being at the hospital while they have to be with the other one at home?

And what about that nice neurosurgeon with the long hair? What’s his home life like?

This episode will answer all of those questions. We’ll also give you a chance to see all of the physicians from Season 1 again.

So, please watch at 6:30 p.m. this Saturday on WFAA. In my humble and unbiased opinion, I think it’s our best episode yet.


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