When Courage Comes in Small Packages

William in Neonatal ICU

William in Neonatal ICU with his Beads of Courage

William Powell is only 27 days old, but he has already been through more than most people will experience in a lifetime. His journey is one that his family will never forget – and now they have a way to share it with others.

Through the recently launched Beads of Courage Program in the Children’s Neonatal ICU, a baby’s story is told using colorful beads as meaningful symbols of courage. The beads commemorate milestones he or she achieves along a unique treatment path.

William, who suffered brain damage at birth, was one of the first babies in the Neonatal ICU to begin collecting beads. At less than a month old, he already had a long strand.

“He has been through countless procedures already,” says David Powell, William’s dad. “We like seeing the beads add up. The nurses memorize what each bead means, so we don’t have to explain all he has been through. They look at his strand and know.”

David’s favorite part of the program: No two beads are the same. “They aren’t cookie cutter, and that makes it even more special.

“I can’t wait to show William’s siblings his beads and what a tough boy he has been. They will be proud of their little brother.”


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