Why doctors in Colombia will be more prepared for flu season

Why doctors in Colombia will be more prepared for flu seasonHave you ever talked to someone and your conversation with them kept replaying in your head? That happened to me last week. I met a doctor from Bogota, Colombia who was at Children’s with his team. After talking about his visit, Dr. Cassalett told me that 30 kids in Bogota died from the flu last year because he had nothing else to offer them. That knowing how to operate machines like the ones at our hospital could have saved at least half of their tiny patients.

His words were hard to grasp. Thirty died? That amounts to a whole classroom of kids. I instantly thought of Anthony Vo, a perfectly healthy kid who was hit hard with the flu last year. Without our specialized team that Dr. Cassalett was talking about, this 4-year-old wouldn’t be alive.
That’s why Dr. Cassalett is here. To make sure more kids have outcomes like Anthony. Day in and day out this group has been training on complex machines called ECMO with our experts in the pediatric ICU.
Dr. Cassalett told me he plans to start a program in Bogota by October, just in time for flu season.
Check out a WFAA segment that features the team training with mannequin simulators.


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