Meet Active Wife and Mom Dr. Ximena Lopez

Ximena Lopez, M.D., is a Pediatric Endocrinologist at Children’s Medical Center and an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at UT Southwestern. We caught up with her to find out who she is inside and outside of work.

WHAT SHE DOES: Has dedicated her research and practice to specializing in pediatric Type 2 diabetes and pediatric obesity. “There’s a lack of success in treating both conditions and a real need for better therapies.”

WHY CHILDREN’S: Has been with Children’s for two years after completing a fellowship in pediatric endocrinology at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School in Boston. “I came to Children’s because it’s one of the few pediatric centers that has an academic component and I really liked that for continuing my research. I also have family that lives in the area, so we didn’t move to Dallas just for the nicer weather,” she jokes.

DOWNTIME: She enjoys running. As a family, she and her husband Antonio and their 6-year-old son, also named Antonio, love to bike, go fishing and take their dog Coco for walks. The family also spends weekends with Dr. Lopez’s two brothers and their families.

IN THE KITCHEN: “Antonio is the cook, but I supervise. He says it’s like we’re in the Army. He thinks I’m strict. But we don’t follow a diet. We eat a varied diet. We eat fats and carbs in moderation, eat fruits and vegetables everyday and watch portion sizes. We still eat a hamburger once in a while and dessert here and there.”


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